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Smarter Concrete, Less Carbon

Revolutionizing the Concrete Manufacturing process

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Meet AiMixture

AiMixture utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to fully automate and optimize the manufacturing process of concrete. AiMixture identify and enhance cost-efficient and eco-friendly concrete mixtures across the nation. Our comprehensive approach also encompasses monitoring carbon usage and diligently implementing carbon credits to ensure a sustainable and environmentally responsible concrete production process.

 The Problems

Human factor

Limited capability of production personnel and systems to capture, process and analyze significant amounts of information

No Real-time quality control

Product quality control relay on primitive testing methods with up to 28 days until results are achieved.

Carbon Credits - Pollution & Regulation

Manufacturing process produces approximately 10 million metric tons of unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions. Limited technological
solutions to monitor or benefit from
carbon credits.

Significant waste of materials

Existing concrete mixes waste more than $4 billion annually in  USA alone.

Massive costs increases

The industry is facing massive cost increases and materials shortages.

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Our Vision

Smarter Concrete, Less Carbon
Mixing Ai & Concrete together

Revolutionizing the Concrete Manufacturing Industry with AI and Machine Learning, reduce costs and environmental pollution, measure carbon emissions and provide real time value.


Real time

Native Ai Platform

brings a much-needed innovation to
the traditional concrete industry with
real time values.

The Solution


Dedicated to provide

Better results & sustainability


Thousands of Variables

Leveraging a robust combination of
AI technology, advanced optimization
algorithms and cloud computing to make concrete manufacturing
smarter, better, greener and more


Carbon Credits &

Cost Reduction

Fully automated system that reduces the waste of materials and improves the manufacturing process, resulting in reduction of costs and carbon emissions.


Proprietary algorithms AI models

Real time data analyzed and automatically adjusted. Improving mix designs and
manufacturing process.


Bringing quality control to life

Predicting and forecasting real time quality results and measurements of the final




Monitors, and calculates carbon reduction. Valuable carbon credits can later be traded in carbon markets.


Analysis Thousands

of variables

Such as cement, aggregate, additives, water-to-cement ratio, temperature, pH
and moisture content.

Our Technology

Environmentally Conscious

Dedicated to provide
Better results & sustainability

Production optimization, improving decision making in real time, saving of 10%-30% in reduced material costs. As CO2 emissions are reduced in the manufacturing process, valuable carbon credits can later be traded in carbon markets.

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most used substance on earth (after water)



Of carbon dioxide emissions (3rd Largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world)



Climate Change demands a reduction of 15% in emissions by 2030


Carbon Credits

Reduction in cement leads to carbon credits.


Effects of Cement

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